Citazil Tablet


CITAZIL tablets are a blood purifying remedy for prevention of pus and sepsis of wounds & for the treatment of scabies & ulcers. It is a well tolerated compound preparation for diabetics who are prone to crops of furuncles and carbuncles. It is safe for children.

Key Ingredients:

  • Saindhva Namak
          Digestive, Blood purifier
  • Ras Kapoor (RTS.)
          Blood Purifier, Antiseptic
  • Mul Shudh (RTS.)
          Antiseptic, Blood purifier
  • Godanti Bhasam (RTS.)
  • Excipients


All kinds of skin diseases such as scabies, sepsis of wounds, abscesses, cuts, pimples and carbuncles.


1 tablet thrice a day with water/milk or as directed by the physician.


50 Strips of 10 Tablets each
Pack of 500 Tablets

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