We recall our past when 41 years ago Sh. Ved Raj Ji Bansal laid our foundation with a passion to provide a system of holistic medicine drawing from the traditional medicine schools of Ayurveda. Since then, the company has been providing standardized herbal healthcare products to over 40 million people across the world.

Unexo offers a most rewarding range of proprietary (branded) specialties to treat most common health complaints in today's world of slow digestions, obesity, stress, anxiety and skin disorders. With over 60 products on offer, we have made concerted efforts to ensure that our products are well balanced as far as the rationality of the combination of ingredients is concerned and thus are free of side effects common in medicines that rely on highly concentrated mono components.

We are grateful to all the practitioners and medical professionals who have extended their best cooperation and support to us over the past 41 years. As always, your comments, suggestions and feedback will help us improve further; please write to us at info@unexopharma.com

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