Latin: Clerodendrum Serratum

Therapeutic Action:

Barangi Actions and Uses : An aqueous extract produced a graded block of the responses to histamine on isolated guinea pig ileum. It blocked the histamine-induced contractions of the guinea pig tracheal chain preparations without affecting the response to acetylcholine. The saponin isolated from the rook bark caused a release of histamine from rat lung tissue. Continuous daily administration of the plant extract in the sensitised guinea pig causes a gradually developing protection against anaphy-laxis. The anticholinestrase activity of the saponin was confirmed by acetylcholine responses on guinea pig tracheal chain preparation, isolated rat ileum and frog rectus muscles. The saponin also disrupted the rat peritoneal mast cells and blocked the effect of horse serum antigen. A decoction of roots is used in asthma and bronchitis. The leaves are applied in the form of poultice in skin suppurations. The drug is used in fever. It is also used in sinusitis. It is recommended in inflammations of the eye. In the doses used, no adverse reactions have been reported in man. Larger doses are reactive.


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Used in:

  • Cufsils Tablets
  • Malarin Tablets
  • Kufrex Syrup

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