Latin: Cassia Fistula

Therapeutic Action:

The sweet blackish pulp of the seedpod is used as a mild laxative. Uses : Pulp from fruits called "Cessia Pulp" is a well known Laxative. Bark of tree is rich in tannins. Guna – Guru, Mridu, Snigdha Rasa – Madhur, Tikta Veerya – Sheet Vipak – Madhur Action (karma); Pulp of fruit is Mridu Virechan (best of mild laxatives), Vednahar (pain reliever), Dah Shamak (relieves burning sensation), Anulomic. Seeds are Vamak (emetic). Root is Tirva Virechak (strong laxative), Jwarhar (anti-pyretic). The following ways you can use Amaltas in your homes and communities; Constipation; The pulp of the pod is a mild safe laxative and so can be given safely to infants, pregnant mothers and those persons possessing a delicate constitution. This can particularly be the case after fever and during fever to relieve constipation. Diabetes, Gout and Rheumatoid Arthritis; It can bee safely used for longer periods. Sore throat and Tonsillitis; A decoction of the bark can be used to gargle for relieving these complaints. The root is a strong laxative and anti-pyretic (brings down fever). Constipation in breast fed infants: the sticky flesh within the pods is used. A lump, the size of a channa is put in 1 teaspoon of water for 5 minutes and fed to the infant. Dosage; 1 teaspoon fed in the morning and evening for 3 days. Ringworm; Half a cup of tender leaves are crushed to make a fine paste. Dosage; the paste is applied every evening for seven days. Intestinal Worms in infants; Use the sticky flesh in the pods. A lump, the size of a channa is put in 1 teaspoon of water for 5 minutes and fed to the infant. Dosage; this is fed to the infant in the morning, once only. Scabies: A piece of bark is rubbed on a stone with a little water to make a paste. Dosage; every morning, after a bath, the paste is applied till cured. The juice of the leaves is given to drink in cases of facial paralysis and is also applied to the affected part. To kill vermon: 1 pod is crushed, boiled in a bucket of water and poured over furniture having the insects. Only once is necessary.


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Used in:

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